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We’re your back office, marketing team, and biller all in one. Coral Care manages the business side of being a pediatric specialist, so you can spend more time working with in-person and at-home clients.

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Our team will schedule a call to learn more about your expertise and the types of clients you’re looking for.

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Once you’re approved, set your availability and preferred travel radius, and update it at any time.

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See self-pay patients right away while our team gets you credentialed with insurance.

Full-service support for your part-time private practice

Coral Care handles the nitty-gritty business details, so you can focus more on private clients.

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Patient matching

We connect you directly with local families looking for  in-person and at-home care, so you can easily take on private clients.

Flexible schedule

Work when and how you want to work. Set your availability and travel radius, so you can see private clients on your own terms.

End-to-end support

We manage the full insurance cycle on your behalf, from credentialing to claims submission, with competitive rates.

Competitive compensation

Our payment structure gives you more earning opportunities without the burden of extra paperwork.

Earn more on your own terms

Earn a flat rate of $105 for each evaluation and $70 for self-pay sessions or $60-70* per hour for in-network sessions.

What does that mean? Seeing five private clients each week would earn you an additional $1,800 per month, while ten hours each week translates to an extra $40,000 each year.

* Rates vary according to state.

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Why providers love Coral Care

Coral Care empowers pediatric specialists to take control of their work, so providers like you can spend more time doing what they love.

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“I love that Coral Care empowers providers to build their own practice and offers flexibility and support at the same time.”

— Provider in Sandwich, MA

"I love working with children and families and I want to be able to be home for my children when they need me. The flexibility provided at Coral Care allows me to do that."

— Provider in Westborough, MA

“Having the flexibility to create my own schedule is so helpful as a working mom. The Coral Care team is so supportive and always there to answer any questions.”

— Provider in Easton, MA


Will I have access to standardized assessments for evaluations?

Coral Care promotes the use of evidence based care and assessment tools; this way providers and families alike can track and celebrate the measurable progress that has been made throughout treatment. We understand that standardized assessments are incredibly expensive and are often a barrier for providers to take on private clients. This is why Coral Care invests in its providers and offers access to several standardized assessments for each discipline while providing therapists the flexibility to use their preferred standardized assessments as well. Coral Care provides the manuals and scoring sheets for each assessment in our library; however, therapists are responsible for having any manipulatives needed to render the assessment.

What are the expectations around documentation ?

You will have access to our simple to use HIPAA compliant documentation system for evaluation reports and ongoing session notes. You will have access to our goal bank with over 200 SMART goals for each discipline that has been devised by licensed OTs, PTs, and SLPs with 10+ years of experience. To ensure the accuracy of the notes and compliance to local, state,and federal regulations evaluation and session notes are to be completed within 48 hours of the scheduled session.

What kind of training and ongoing support does Coral Care offer?

We take pride in our growing network of independently licensed providers, we rely on their expertise, their ongoing pursuit for continuing education, and their commitment to providing evidence based care. We want to ensure that we provide the necessary support to set up our providers for success and have created systems to allow for professional growth and development. Coral Care offers its providers consultation sessions with its Clinical Quality Committee team members and hosts quarterly webinars covering a wide range of clinical topics focused on pediatric care.

How is my schedule managed?

You will add your times of availability within your Coral Care profile and each week ensure that the times listed continue to be accurate. Families will be able to see your availability and request an appointment within the platform. You will have the opportunity to accept or decline the appointment request. For ongoing sessions you will be able to directly schedule the appointments within your calendar.

What do in-home visits look like?

You will arrive for the scheduled session to the client’s home. You will be expected to bring any necessary materials you need to engage with the child for an evaluation or treatment. You may use the client’s toys, furniture, or items in the home and incorporate them into your session. You will be responsible for communicating treatment length and frequency, developing goals, tracking progress, and scheduling ongoing appointments with the family.

What expectations should I have with regard to the amount of clients I get?

The amount of clients on your caseload and the speed at which you build up your caseload to your ideal working hours is dependent on your willingness to accept clients, the mileage radius you set, your credentialing status with payers, and whether your particular clinical specialties are in line with the needs of your service area. New providers will experience a trickle of clients as not all families can afford to be self-pay; you will see an increase in opportunities once you are credentialed with insurance companies. You have the ability to set your distance limit to 5 miles and you will be greatly decreasing the amount of clients you can service and your earning potential. Whereas if you extend your coverage area to 25 miles, you will be able to build up your caseload quickly and start earning a substantial monthly supplemental income.

Will I be able to see clients through insurance instantly?

No, newly onboarded providers can only provide services to self-pay families only. Assuming all the necessary paperwork has been submitted to our credentialing team in a timely fashion, credentialing with payers is a 3 month minimum process.

What can I do to get the most of the marketplace and maximize my earnings?
  • Set your mileage radius up to 30 miles from your base location
  • As you develop your caseload, stack your appointments for locations that are further away 
  • Accept job opportunities if they fall within your radius and your clinical expertise
  • Complete credentialing tasks promptly, the faster you tend to them the quicker you will be in-network and have access to more clients. 
  • Keep your calendar with availabilities up to date
  • Continue to hone your clinical skills and specialities and update your bio 
  • Stay curious and flexible about opportunities presented to you 
  • Collaborate with other Coral Care providers on your client's care team 

Can I work as a tele-health provider at Coral Care ?

The majority of Coral Care’s services are in the home and in person. We are not currently recruiting providers for tele-health only services as we serve children 0-18 who often need and benefit from in-person care.

What are the benefits of being a part of the Coral Care network?
  • We pay more than contracting or fee for service opportunities in schools or clinics
  • You set your schedule 
  • You set the amount of hours you dedicate to clients a week
  • You set the distance you travel
  • We handle the marketing 
  • We provide the liability insurance
  • You can focus on doing the work you love doing while we cover the administrative tasks:
  • We provide a scheduling system and send out appointment reminders to families
  • We provide intuitive and simple session and evaluation note templates
  • We obtain the client consents forms needed prior to treatment
  • We run the insurance eligibility checks
  • We process authorization and referrals needed for sessions
  • We collect and process reimbursements whether they come from the families or insurance companies
  • We enforce the 24 hours cancellation policy for you
  • You get paid for the sessions rendered at the end of the month 
  • You are paid for cancellations that occur under 24 hours of the session.
  • We complete the complicated process of credentialing you with insurance companies for you
  • Growing library of provider resources such as standardized assessments 
  • Networking and collaboration opportunities with a growing community of talented professionals in your area
  • Access to other earning opportunities within the company such as content creation, content review, and marketing activities/events. 

Is there a minimum amount of hours I need to provide to Coral Care?

We ask that providers are available for a minimum of five hours each week for work with Coral Care patients. You are able to choose the weekly hours that align with your life as well as your professional and financial goals.

What does it mean to be a 1099 contractor?

A 1099 Contractor, also known as an independent contractor, is a self-employed individual who provides services to a company. You are able to work as a contractor with Coral Care using your legal name or your business entity name. You will receive payments for the services you render via direct deposit. We do not deduct taxes from your payment, you are responsible for making quarterly tax payments to the IRS.

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